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Individual partners / BPC

Be our best individual partners / BPC , earn & make additional source of income.  

Are you an Affiliate marketing people, existing clients, any digital marketing, all legal & compliance providing companies, etc. You can all refer your clients or be our exclusive affiliate partners.

How to be our individual partners / Business Partners Consultants :

  1. Provide our products to people or your clients.
  2. Follow up and provide all information about our products.
  3. Use of various social media to distribute products
  4. Make short videos & add links for buying our  products.
  5. Reach to all companies etc.
  6. Press release. Click here
  7. Put the banners or links to your sites
  8. You can add our plans as either Addons in your site by using our affiliate marketing links or you can combine it as your own package. E.g You are a CA and made a new Tax package include Web design or Social media marketing. Once your client pays you can directly send us the details in our email
  9. Your earning is exclusive of discount and other taxes
  10. You will be paid once all the client has paid the amounts & all their tasks have been completed

Revenue sharing:

Individual Partners / BPC

Collaboration give you better than single business. Did you know Reliance Industries, Netflix, Sony, Adani, Jaypee also have collaboration even though they are the biggest industries.

  • Commission: 10% for all Individual partners and upto 30% for our Business partner consultant or BPC
  • No limits on the monthly earning
  • Must have good knowledge about digital marketing
  • Ability to convince & get new leads / monetize them as our clients
  • Payouts every month after successful sales
  • Bonus: 10% for best people
  • Payment made after client tasks completed
  • Processing fee: 6%
  • Please check your email / spam
  • A small contract will be given for BPC & get upto 30% each successful sale.
  • Payment after TDS & full completion of the client tasks only.

You can DM Facebook @pegkob /Email us – /Call us: 01169266252.

How to track your Leads / clients for sales?

  1. Just read about our brand
  2. Registers below & get an affiliate ID
  3. Check your email for all details after your signup
  4. As our BPC you will also get a dedicated training within 8 days of signing of the contrast & sending us
  5. You will also get Ebook brochures & all collaterals within 8 days
  6. BPC will get an Google Sheet / Google form including your ID
  7. Your clients can approach us using your ID & DM Facebook @pegkob /Email us –
  8. Please read the contract, sign & send to

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How to do marketing & sell our all digital packs?

1. Visit our site & business consultations 

2. Read all the packs

3. Bring clients & send our details

4. Visit our for latest posts 

5. Do whatsapp marketing, you call them and sell. 

6. Bring clients on your webinar & sell

You will also get benefits worth $ 3000

  1. Banners
  2. Our blogs
  3. Emails
  4. Free training
  5. Own portals for managing sales
  6. Your self website

90% work has been done by Professor Abir Baidya. Now its your duty to get benefits and also provide value to us.

How to share, convince customers and earn money

  • Get leads and reach using social media
  • Reach more customers using your own contacts
  • Hire and train people to reach more customers
  • Reach more by taking free webinars
  • Send emails for getting new clients
  • You will get Agent ID
  • Must be 18+
  • Prizes for top Affiliate giving crores sales
  • Cash rewards upto Rs 10 lakhs
    & awards*
  • Cash rewards for only top 3 people in past 6 months.
  • Only for Indians


A brand of Acetios Consulting, India

Created with Royal Elementor Addons

10% off on select plans
Visit Youtube @pegkob
DM Facebook @pegkob for details
Pre sales call us 01169266252
Any help please DM & check FAQ

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