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How to get & pay our professional consultation to clients

Our professional consultation to clients

People don’t pay for products. People pay for small values. We follow the CKTR method to help clients.

Disclaimer: We may change many aspects as per the suitable skills of our staff and technology to provide better value for our clients.

We don’t have any rights to your best performance. Any error from your side or from the hosting, your staff, negligence, theft, data privacy, social media, plugins, or customer details will not be liable for our company.

How as a client, do you pay and get your business?

 1. Visit

 2. Get our form

 3. Get our demos and business guidance

 4. Choose your consultation & pay

 5. Custom sites, applications, more staff training, and complete O2O business consulting are available at an extra fee.

 6. Sponsorship is available as per your budget for making case studies and helping your brands reach an audience. Dedicated support at extra cost

Get affordable & best web design:

 1. Choose your domain name (at least four, or we can give a random name). It helps us register your domain.

 2. Create a gmail ID & send us the Login & password

 3. Send us your graphic proposal/ reel products proposal in client support and DM us for help @pegkob

 4. For any changes please suggest the corrections

 5. eCommerce sites can take more than 60 days for giving best results.

 6. Sponsorship available as per your budgets for making case studies and helping your brands reach audience

Get affordable, best social media marketing, Ads, SEO & Google / Youtube Marketing :

 1. You must make a basic Facebook page

 2. Your YouTube page will be made by our team with your team using gmail ID. 

 3. You must provide the Facebook Business ID to our email. You can DM us for sharing the Facebook Business ID to access your Facebook Page for management.

 4. You can also share your Google Ads Account for management.

 5. A graphic or reel proposal must be shared every week or throughout the month.

DM us @pegkob. Get our consultations fill the form

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