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How to create a simple OTT on wordpress?

How to create a simple OTT on wordpress?

Definition of an OTT Platform
Over The Top is shortened to OTT. referring to an online streaming service that transmits video material.

Why does OTT matter?
Since OTT platforms are still relatively new, we are still learning and adapting to any major developments. But because so many businesses are entering the market, they are expanding quickly. This is fantastic news for viewers since it means that there will be a greater variety of material and streaming formats available as streaming services compete with one another.

Your website, the free plugin, streaming tools like a camera (or pre-recorded video files), and an internet connection are all you need.

After you begin streaming live events or upload movies, TV series, or other digital content to your website, visitors will be able to browse and select the video they wish to watch from your digital content library. The process of OTT broadcasting starts at that point.


Making Money
Right now, the issue on everyone’s mind who broadcasts is, “Can I monetize my OTT platform?” Yes!

These are some of the several monetization options that WpStream provides for these kinds of platforms. Keep in mind that they apply to both video on demand and live streaming.

Offer your live streams and On Demand videos for free to your viewers. Included in this, you can even add your own ads through collaborations with other brands or companies. You can either do this manually (as seen with podcasts where they talk about their sponsors at multiple points in a podcast), or download a plugin that offers automatic ads.

Viewers will subscribe to your live streams, VODs, or to your website’s content using Global Subscription mode. By doing this, they have the option of pay on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You find this with streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many others.

Whether it’s live streaming in real-time or creating video on demand to include recorded performances, OTT broadcasting is the best vehicle for modern content delivery.

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