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How to provide all details?

Please choose your packs & pay. Submit details on our client support

Are you able to do SEO?

Yes Basic SEO is free on all packs. For advanced monthly SEO then please DM us at Facebook @pegkob or email us

How to make payment?

You must pay the full amount. You can ask refunds within 1 day before your site has been designed. No refund is given later. Please check our refund policy. You can also pay fees Click here

How to approach for any help?

You can email us client support or DM us @pegkob

Can I add extra page & products in my website later?

Yes, There is an extra cost for the extra pages

Can you able to bring traffic & Ads?

Yes. We can do SEO that can cost extra. Also you can buy our social media marketing Ads & lead generation packs click here. You can contact us on client support

What is the guarantee of contents & logo?

You can give us contents, posts, descriptions, images etc. Please visit client support.

What are staff accounts & how can i access?

Staff accounts are those ID which each team can manage. E.g 1 staff account can be manage by multiple people with single email.

How can i get the delivery?

You sites and ID will be emailed & along with your user credentials. You change your password for sites as soon as you get the delivery for your own security. 

How many days are taken to make ecommerce sites?

A basic ecommerce sites takes 30 days and more advanced sites can take 60 days. We do complete draft and review of sites for getting the best sites. We do test security, content SEO, CRM & shipping for sites.

How can i get social media marketing management?

You can get all social media marketing packs click here.

Can you able to generate leads & traffics using Meta & Linkedin?

Yes. You can get all social media marketing packs click here. You will get lead generation & qualified leads. It means you will get raw leads and clean leads who have filled the details. The rule is that 40% – 60% of the leads can pay you once you call them within 48 hours. We will provide all leads within 48 hours. You can also do follow-ups. You must pay us 10% of each successful leads to sales. Eg we have given 100 qualified leads and 60% paid you the total payment. You must sign an agreement and pay us the fees of the no. of sales made for the leads.

How to create facebook page?

You can easily create a facebook page. After that you can send us the details once you purchased any our packs. All details to make a simple facebook page is given in the quotation below

How to provide details for online listings?

We will soon provide online listing on major sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Justdial & Swiggy.

Do you provide employer branding?

Yes. You must provide all details of our company and shorts after paying the amount.

Do you provide sponsorships & branding?

Yes. We you can provide us the details here

How are the non ecommerce simple sites?

All the simple sites are non ecommerce means you cannot use payment gateways in India as you are not a registered entity or not selling any products. You must add refund policy & other informations. You can use your own bank or UPI or personal payment linsk to get payment not for commercial use.

Do you provide custom site & app development?

Get best and HQ features, ecommerce, custom development on Laravel, Flutter, CSS, clean user panel, Multivendor, VFX & HD graphics.

Do you provide cashbacks and discounts on your consultations?

Yes we provide upto cashback to all clients for give us good ratings, reviews and get your money in your UPI in just 30 days. This cashback is only available for Indians. You can give us review on client support. Also you can get discount to all clients in Indian and other countries in our premium & combo packs.

Do you provide option of down payment ?

Download our quotation & proposal

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