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Staffing & HR

  • Choose from our range of best students or from colleges or other source
  • Minimum investment & outsource staffing
  • You can choose packs, make events on our site,employer branding, sponsorships etc
  • Hire in bulk blue collar / white collar employees
  • Never hire students directly from colleges. Hire them as interns and once they are capable you can hire them. Hiring low experience people save costs but also many students learn quickly as compared to experienced people who can ask more money.
  • To save costs you can retain best employees and layoff employees who are rated below in past 2 performance appraisal seasons.
  • Mass hiring in BPS/ Insurance / Shipping companies / Banks / Real estate
  • Quick TAT as per the job demand & city only
  • Outsourcing Interview / mock test / skill test (Addons)
  • Most of the companies HR are not using expensive, etc
  • Our plans for making best Job Description, Initial hiring interview, exam & Skill education of candidates
  • You can also advertise your jobs on our site our our social media site at extra fees.

Get only candidates as of best ratings & our own CKTR method

Don’t spend millions on colleges, expensive job sites & unrelated staffing to get employees for jobs. Choose only skilled candidates and internship relevant candidates after checking their ratings

Did you know a company spends millions to hire & retain employee?

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A brand of Acetios Consulting, India

Created with Royal Elementor Addons

10% off on select plans
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