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Award to professor Abir Baidya

We help your manage your social media marketing & complete design

100% privacy policy
We don’t allow clients details and site details to other clients.You can get our demos. This keep your brand name or product name safe from copyright information and against any false suggestions.
Google my business setup only. Confirmations by you and google

We have created successful Ad Campaigns & digital business consultations for multi million dollar brands:

Keka Hire  Ace Nutrimony   What is the Science behind Rage Coffee?

(Our fashion style) and other brands

We serve industries in, Beauty, Fashion, Colleges, Hospitality, Celebrities, Events Ecommerce, Real estate

As per United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, post lockdowns became the new normal, businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital”, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020

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Social Media Analysis & Video marketing

  • Setup your pages
  • Setup your campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Keyword and targeting
  • Social media posts 
  • Reel marketing on Instagram & Facebook
  • Promo marketing on Youtube or other social media
  • VFX & edits
  • Lead generation
  • Group posting
  • Reel marketing
  • Promotions
  • EMI & cashbacks
  • 80% of customers pay  within 72 hours of our Ebook
  • 60%+ customers pay for premium plans
  • Complete social media managemet & support
  • Free training of $1K


Save upto 60% on employee costs

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Affordable Pricing And Quality Service Lower than classified sites

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Digital Marketing Agency

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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Ads
  • Increase likes & subscribes
  • Increase sales*
  • Grow presence in cities
  • Lower cost and better ROI
  • Get best leads
  • EMI & cashbacks
  • 10% for revenue share for referring other clients 
  • 30% better sales with our social media graphics
  • Any industries

Why you must take our digital business consulting?

We are a MSME Government of India awarded & IPR Certified leading Indian brand Acetios Consulting Company.

1. A good brand and website attract good customers
2. Lead generation
3. Cost saving by using AI and hiring less employees
4. 100% your commission. No need to provide commission Amazon or Flipkart. No refund charges.
5. Customer data is now yours.
6. Offers using emails / WhatsApp/ SMS / Telegram marketing
7. Affordable & best
8. Payment and sponsorship

100% refund as per our T&C.
Our dedicated support & 100% data privacy will ensure your brand is safe.*
We don’t share client information to other people. You can get our demos.
* Some third party sites can access your details.

Get best graphic design for brands. This design made by Professor Abir Baidya

Best graphic designs for social media


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