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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Lower cost and better ROI
  • Grow presence in cities
  • Any small & medium industries
  • Competitor price monitoring
  • Easy EMI for Indians
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We have created successful Campaigns for multi million dollar brands:

Keka Hire  Ace Nutrimony   What is the Science behind Rage Coffee? (Our fashion style) and other brands



Government e Marketplace (GeM) – User Experience Design & Technology


We are also authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India.


  • Offline marketing: Reach less but your advertisement cost is more
  • Online marketing: Reach more but your advertisement cost & lead cost is 60% less.
  • Get our consultation & save costs upto 60% on staff and offline advertisement.


Free consultation DM Facebook @pegkob

You can create a new gmail account and give us the access like email & password after you choose any plan so that we can start your digital marketing plan. You can  give details in our clients support and change the password once we handover your sites.

Pegkob best comparison

All your products in proper categories or sub-categories with quality photos. Our marketplace product listing and marketplace management team can handle following listed marketplaces expertly:

Flipkart, Meesho, Amazon. We can add more and it cost extra


What our online marketplace management services include?

We offer an extensive range of online marketplace management services on affordable prices. Our professionals have ability to handle any size of project with any complexity. With our proven strategies and methods, we optimize your each listing for maximum return on investments. Our online marketplace management service includes:

  1. Product listing and updating
  2. Bulk product upload
  3. Photo editing and uploading
  4. Online marketplace merchandising
  5. Channel analytics
  6. Competitor price monitoring
  7. Seller guidance
  8. Custom plans cost extra

Features of our online listing:

Here are some of the key areas, we cover in our support:

Online affordable listing:

Our specialists list your products cautiously on Amazon with information like SKU, product ID, description, specification, variants, and other attributes. Provide us the categories & sub categories.

100% safe & affordable

No sharing of your brand names among. Save cost on hiring staff. Using Variation Theme element, we list key product as parent SKU and variants as child SKUs. The variants could be anything such as color, size, style, fabric, count, etc.

Product Image Editing and Retouching

In ecommerce business, product images play a vital role. High quality and nice-looking images can catch the attention of shoppers and maximize overall sales. At Data Outsourcing India, we professionally edit and enhance product photos to set your listings apart from the crowd.


All your product listings with informative titles, highly searched keywords, SEO, high quality images, high-definition videos, etc.

Description Writing

To attract potential buyers, we write engaging, informative and easy-to-understand Amazon product descriptions.


Choose plan, pay and check your email

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYBest plans above the available plans please get Combo. Click here

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYAffordable & best website redesigning solutions. Email

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYChoose plan, pay and check your email. App development only on premium plans


As per United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, post lockdowns became the new normal, businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital”, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020


As per multiple news, there are more than 60 million small businesses (non e-commerce) & e-commerce sites. As economic development is going from offline to online, customers are searching more online, cost of e-commerce now is affordable compared to earlier age.

Source: Hubspot & UN.


We provide omnichannel to all clients to save cost. Digital marketing is  very sophisticated and needs effort, experience & good budget.


Omnichannel Retail: Key Trends, Challenges & Tips [+Examples]

We start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. Your order is completed within the estimated delivery time that we show on the service’s page.

You can pay with your credit card through the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world.

We never ask your password or any other private information. We recommend you to protect your account and never share your passwords with anyone.

Get EMI on our all plans


Choose some of our other popular plans

  • All plans comes with Rs 8K or $100 free marketing by our team.
  • Free 1 landing page for e-commerce plans
  • Guidance & training
  • Get affordable advertising please check our social media marketing plans
  • Social media marketing. Click here
  • Youtube marketing. Click here
  • Digital marketing combo. Click here
  • DM @pegkob


How to select best plans and pay

Check our video Ads

Orange juice Ad – Click here

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How our consultations give your business:


1. You create your own brand
2. You build trust among customers
3. You can take premium fees
4. Looks professional
5. Provide information quickly
6. Get leads from your site
7. Traffic gets into loyal customers
8. Reach many at low cost with our social media packs & client training


This fees you pay for other agencies. We take minimal consultation fess for our work. It takes time, skills & cost to give clients the best value for their money.


Our fees are less as provide 100% cloud services, automation, demos & everything with our real skills 

Source: I4S TOI




How to provide all details?

Please submit details here or visits or client support below

Are you able to do SEO?

Yes Basic SEO to rank site.

How to make payment?

You must pay the full amount. You can ask refunds within 1 day before your site has been designed. No refund is given later.

How to approach for any help?

You can email us and client support

Can I add extra page & products in my website later?

Yes, There is an extra cost for the extra pages.

Can you able to bring traffic & Ads?

Yes. You can contact us. You can email us and client support

What is the guarantee of contents & logo?

You can give us contents etc. Please visit client support. We will Add SEO content for sites above $600

What are staff accounts & how can i access?

Staff accounts are those ID which each team can manage. E.g 1 staff account can be manage by multiple people with single email.

How can i get the delivery?

You sites and ID will be emailed

How many days are taken to make ecommerce sites?

A basic ecommerce sites takes 30 – 60 days.

Can i get my own hosting?

No. We do not allow clients to get hosting.

Can i get multivendor website?

Yes you can get a multi vendor website. Please DM Facebook @pegkobindia


Refer & Cashbacks

Refer clients & get 10% revenue. No limits. You will get an Agent ID.

Please send your reviews & UPI ID / International Payment ID here

First come first serve


*As per your contents.

100% refund. Refund will be only for the no delivery beyond 60 days & not as per our policy.

Additional information

Online listing packs

JD Sulekha Simple, OL Graphics Lite, OL Graphics Simple, OL Lite, OL Simple


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