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Digital Marketing Premium Combos


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast sites
  • Graphic design & SEO
  • Any industries & ecommerce
  • OTT site design
  • Lower cost and better ROI
  • 36+ HQ features
  • Free Youtube channel & social media page setup
  • Get domain worth $100 free for 3 years*
  • One time setup fees
  • App to manage orders
  • 100% ROI guaranteed*

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Digital Marketing Agency

We have created successful Ad Campaigns for multi million dollar brands:

Keka Hire  Ace Nutrimony   What is the Science behind Rage Coffee? Aarohi Info - Aarohiinfo Fi Management Limited | LinkedIn (Our fashion style) and other brands

Government e Marketplace (GeM) – User Experience Design & Technology
We are also authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India.

Get affordable & best digital marketing:

  • Offline marketing: Reach less but your advertisement cost is more
  • Online marketing: Reach more but your advertisement cost & lead cost is 60% less.
  • You will get all details about Facebook page / Instagram business page & how to send details after you pay
  • Shopify general plan includes 2 staff. For higher plans please DM or contact us before purchase


Free consultation DM Facebook @pegkob


You can create a new gmail account and give us the access like email & password after you choose any plan so that we can start your digital marketing plan. You can  give details in our clients support and change the password once we handover your sites.

Pegkob best comparison

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYBulk orders or big plans above the available plans please contact us. Please click here

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYAffordable & best website redesigning solutions. Email

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYChoose plan, pay and check your email

Sale Shop Now Sticker by Creative Hatti for iOS & Android | GIPHYApp development 10% off and costs extra


As per United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, post lockdowns became the new normal, businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital”, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020

Your site can continue performance for more than 3 years and you can easily recover it’s investment. Performance dips due to non maintenance & technology updates. We provide monthly reports & dedicated support at affordable prices.


As per multiple news, there are more than 60 million small businesses (non e-commerce) & e-commerce sites. As economic development is going from offline to online, customers are searching more online, cost of e-commerce now is affordable compared to earlier age.

Source: Hubspot & UN.

Choose any demos and select the Demo No. Click here


We provide omnichannel to all clients to save cost. Digital marketing is  very sophisticated and needs effort, experience & good budget.


Omnichannel Retail: Key Trends, Challenges & Tips [+Examples]

36 Features in our combo sites: 

We start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. Your order is completed within the estimated delivery time that we show on the service’s page.

You can pay with your credit card through the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world.

We never ask your password or any other private information. We recommend you to protect your account and never share your passwords with anyone.

Get EMI on our all plans. Only for Indians


Choose some of our other popular plans

  • All plans comes with Rs 8K or $100 free marketing by our team.
  • Free 1 landing page for e-commerce plans
  • Guidance & training
  • Get affordable advertising please check our social media marketing plans
  • Social media marketing. Click here
  • Youtube marketing. Click here
  • Online listing packs. Click here
  • App development. Click here
  • High speed, storage, priority, advanced SEO & premium security available in combo packs
  • Best & advanced e-commerce sites
  • 100% no RTO fees
  • 100% easy & secured sites
  • 100% your revenue & vendors
  • Less than price of expensive event
  • DM @pegkob

Check our video Ads

Orange juice Ad – Click here

Soda Ad – Click here


How to select best plans and pay




How your online store & Ads saves 60% cost than any offline store & Ads?


  • Your online site is much cheaper than offline stores
  • Online store helps you save money on fitting costs and utility bills
  • Online store saves you cost of operation
  • No rent costs
  • No utility costs
  • Advertising online is 60% effective and efficient
  • You can sell to to any cities at low cost & GST
  • For small medium enterprises having a website is cheaper than an offline store
  • Local search on Google is like using a phone book
  • CRM & Data Analytics
  • Better reach & Ads with low cost
  • It costs Rs 1 lakh or $4K for basic local Ad than any Linked Ads
  • Easily resell & upscale
  • Free E Business Cards for plans above $10
  • UPI Offer and cashbacks 
  • Google analytics & content marketing worth $100
  • Track orders & delivery to select cities 


How our consultations give your business:

1. You create your own brand
2. You build trust among customers
3. You can take premium fees
4. Looks professional
5. Provide information quickly
6. Get leads from your site
7. Traffic gets into loyal customers
8. Reach many at low cost with our social media packs & client training:


Creating a simple site depends upon your industry. Its is very important that you hire us as our expertise in SEO and design makes your site better in ranks.

Our Experts Videos are available in Youtube.
Don’t use any third party service which offer low cost site development as most agency use fake site controls. All our Advanced packs include Self hosted sites and 100% site backup for ecommerce sites. 


Here is a Basic Site Design price list as per Global Agencies:

  • Setup : $1000
  • Contents: $400
  • Client training: $100
  • Client support: $100
  • Advanced SEO: $100
  • Logo design: $300
  • Ecommerce solutions: $3000
  • CRM: $500
  • Google Analytics Free setup: $100
  • Content marketing: $800
  • Notification on email
  • SMS notification extra cost
  • WhatsApp notification extra cost
  • OTP verify extra cost
  • Annual support extra cost
  • Staging extra cost
  • Booking software cost extra
  • Google analytics & tage manager free
  • Facebook analytics free
  • SEO cost extra as per budget
  • Lead quality management extra cost
  • Sponsorship for brands at 50% off
  • 100% original vendors. 360 support from us and our vendors.
  • Server:  Always spend on servers which are by reputable brands. Server space depends on your traffic and target market.


This fees you pay for other agencies. We take minimal consultation fess for our work. It takes time, skills & cost to give clients the best value for their money.

Priority bidding

Pay fast & higher than your peers. Get priority delivery, better speed & exclusive discounts upto 30% for all selected packs. Only for premium digital marketing, app development, online listings & social media premium packs

Our fees are less as provide 100% cloud services, automation, demos & everything with our real skills 

Source: I4S TOI

  • All plans include 3 changes only. Validity: Lifetime. Hosting: Paid by clients
  • Support Basic only
  • Guaranteed guidance on all plans
  • 10% off for regular clients


How to provide all details?

Please submit details here or visits or client support below

Are you able to do SEO?

Yes Basic SEO to rank site.

How to make payment?

You must pay the full amount. You can ask refunds within 1 day before your site has been designed. No refund is given later.

How to approach for any help?

You can email us and client support

Can I add extra page & products in my website later?

Yes, There is an extra cost for the extra pages.

Can you able to bring traffic & Ads?

Yes. You can contact us. You can email us and client support

What is the guarantee of contents & logo?

You can give us contents etc. Please visit client support. We will Add SEO content for sites above $600

What are staff accounts & how can i access?

Staff accounts are those ID which each team can manage. E.g 1 staff account can be manage by multiple people with single email.

How can i get the delivery?

You sites and ID will be emailed

How many days are taken to make ecommerce sites?

A basic ecommerce sites takes 30 – 60 days.

Can i get my own hosting?

No. We do not allow clients to get hosting.

Can i get multivendor website?

Yes you can get a multi vendor website. Please DM Facebook @pegkob

Do i have to pay extra for changes?


Which type of hosting do you provide?

We provide secured premium & cloud hosting. You can change the data center later.


Refer & Cashbacks

Refer clients & get 10% revenue. No limits. You will get an Agent ID.

Please send your reviews & UPI ID / International Payment ID here

First come first serve


*As per your contents.

100% refund. Refund will be only for the no delivery beyond 60 days & not as per our policy.

be only for the no delivery beyond 60 days & not as per our policy.

Additional information

DMPC India

Dedicated Relationship Manager, DMP App Mojo, DMP Basic Combo, DMP Ecwid Combo, DMP Lite combo, DMP Mojo Combo, DMP Shopify Combo Lite


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10% off on select plans
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Pre sales call us 01169266252
Any help please DM & check FAQ

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