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Outsourcing vendors

Are you a Digital Marketing company and want to outsource some tasks?

You can DM us Facebook @pegkob and email us for giving the details.

All regular and best vendors can get maximum 10% off. Be Vendor BPC & outsource your tasks to us.

Our expertise in simple sites, ecommerce sites, graphics design SD & HD, social media marketing, SMM, PPC, lead generation, ecommerce listing, reviews etc. Custom development as per the details.

Award to professor Abir Baidya

Please call us 01169266252 or email us To know more visit

How as a vendor you can outsource your tasks to us?

  • Send us the agreement for providing the clients
  • Get your client tasks completed within the stipulated policy.
  • 100% refund if tasks not completed / not as per our policy
  • Payment must be upfront
  • Save cost upto 50% on outsourcing us.
  • It’s your clients so we do not offer any after support or any changes. It will be paid by you for any changes.
  • You must pay the charges minimum 30% & max 60% of the margin and upfront payment is mandatory.
  • Minimum days is 30 days for TAT
  • Targets as per the clients and its complexity
  • Agreement must state the name of your company, ph, email, website and contact person details.
  • Minimum fees is Rs 10K or $400 & above only.
  • Brokerage fees 1% of the sales

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A brand of Acetios Consulting, India

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10% off on select plans
Visit Youtube @pegkob
DM Facebook @pegkob for details
Pre sales call us 01169266252
Any help please DM & check FAQ

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