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How to provide details once you pay your Digital Marketing Packs

How to provide details once you pay your Digital Marketing Packs

How clients can give us your posters / videos /policies

1. Please send your all details on Google Drive.

2. Share and send the link below

3. Create sub folders for each segment

4. Update if you want changes

We will also give you all details after 50% of the service. You will also get everything in the subfolder like invoice, login details, training, Ebook to get best traffic, Agent ID, other plans, Channel & advertising partner offers, B2B courses at 60% discount.

Please send your details like graphics, menus, rate charts, Video reviews, location, phone no so that customers can easily contact you and you get maximum sales. Also share the social media links

Choose any ecommerce demos and select the Demo No. You can also select after fee. Click here

You have to do some transaction with your site to do trial for your business.

How to give access to staff accounts?

Give Unique SKU to each staff to manage and single email to multiple people.

How to send product details for the site?

Send us the below details like product name etc in Google / Excel sheet.

Please provide product name, SKU, Whether the product is featured on the store homepage, Product quantity when the low stock notification is sent, Estimated delivery time, PNG Image 1000 x 1000 size or more, Category, Price & discount, Size of your products, Videos, Reviews, Ratings, Shipping policy, refund policy, payment terms, privacy policy, T&C, Support policy etc.


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