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How Digital Marketing helped for Manyavar

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How Digital Marketing helped for Manyavar

Manyavar began its journey as a thought when Ravi Modi ventured into a family business which revamped men’s ethnic wear. What followed was a full swing retail operation thriving from 2008 and since then the company has grown from a niche 90 employees to a blissful 5000+ employees associated with the brand.

Under the umbrella of Vedant Fashions Limited (formerly known as Vedant Fashions Pvt. Ltd.), Manyavar transformed men’s ethnic fashion wear into a signature statement. Soon the brand opened a much wider variety of men’s garments and accessories which rendered it as a one stop shop for celebration wear. During its evolution, the label became synonymous with wedding wear; a one-stop-store, draping the world with joy and finest Indian elegance. Thus, Manyavar completed celebration!

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How Manyavar did over ₹1,000 Cr revenue?

Insights to ₹1,000 Cr annual sales ⬇
Lessons for D2C founders building an online + offline distribution strategy plus a lot more on how to position their product right.

1/ Product positioning 🏆
Most apparel brand want to stay away from seasonal audience – like wedding apparels. Manyavar saw this an opportunity to find it’s own whitespace. It associated itself with “aspirational weddings”. It’s marketing pitch consistently nails positioning.

2/ Understanding what not to solve 🤯
In the early days, ₹25-30 Cr annual revenues, the brand used to handle everything from manufacturing → distribution and even retail. The leadership soon realised – focus on a boringly predictable FOFO (Franchise owned and franchise operated) model that allowed it to open offline stores at scale. The active call to not get into full stack ops was the key to scaling distribution with a small corporate team.

Presenting the ideal dulha, fulfilling #NayeRishteNayeVaade - YouTube

3/ Solving for strong brand recall.
The wedding purchase cycle is super short (except the bridal collection). The brand need discovery during that short span of time. No wonder the brand focuses on pitching to customers who might not be immediate customers, creating a strong aspiration towards the brand – solving future demand.

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Ask yourself – how many apparel brands come to your mind when I say “weddings”? The list is super short.

4/ Right combination of { Online + Offline }
The price point restricts the kind of customer Manyavar can convert. Almost always, the discovery for such high value purchases begin online. The brand focuses on online search intent (Google search) channels and solves for search impression share. But, it doesn’t want them to convert right away. The brand understands the “touch & feel” nature of the purchase.

Manyavar helps an online visitor book a store walk-in.

5/ The right price point – feels expensive.
Indians want to feel good after they purchase for wedding apparels, especially the bridge and groom. It’s signalling to tell relatives how expensive that lehenga is. The brand has a low entry price point and has a range of upto 75K for a lehenga.


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