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How A Women Started her Business from Rs 300 to Rs 10 crores

How A Women Started her Business from Rs 300 to Rs 10 crores

Chinu was not in the usual crowd at the railway station and was quickly noticed by a samaritan – a passerby lady. When the lady insisted on going back, Chinu told her that she didn’t have the option. Finally, the lady decided to assist her and provided her with an address where she could find work as well as an address for a dormitory where she could stay for Rs 25 per day. She had no choice but to start working as a direct sales girl and move into the dormitory.

“Being a door-to-door sales girl was a huge challenge for me, and my success rate was extremely low.

At least 80% of the time, doors slam in your face.

Chinu accumulated all her savings of years to launch her jewelry brand ‘Rubans Accessories’. Her vast understanding of sales helped her brand quickly establish a good repute. Since then there is no looking back for Chinu. Today, Rubans Accessories offers over two thousand designs in ethnic and western jewelry ranging from Rs 229 to Rs 10,000 per piece. Jewellery is available online as well as at their outlet Kochi.

“I feel so proud of making the decision back then at the age of fifteen. If I hadn’t been a rebel then, I would’ve never been able to accomplish the success that I always desired.” Says Chinu.

Chinu’s story is one of the sparse stories that make us believe that one can overcome any difficulty if one is determined to ‘succeed’.


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