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India's leading digital business & marketing brand. A brand of Acetios Consulting. Leading consulting company.

Myron Golden “If you are the cheapest no one believes you are the best and if they believe you are the best then they don’t expect you to be the cheapest

Get free consultation & case studies of $8K not provided by any other brand. We helped best clients like Keka, Rage coffee, Soulflower, & other multi million brands.

Affordable. Multiple clients. Dedicated support and privacy. Best offer for regular clients. Low fees means low quality and no support. 80% of the companies are shifting their business online to save money. * As per UN and other news surveys.

To send your proposal please fill the form or WhatsApp us +91 - 9330489566 or +91 - 9748967837. Minimum budget Rs 10K and above

We serve industries in Beauty, Fashion, Colleges, Hospitality, Celebrities, Events, Ecommerce, Real estate, OTT sites

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You can DM @pegkob or email us Offer for first 100 clients & 30 days free support.


  • Minimum project delivery time: 30 days
  • First come first serve only.
  • T&C apply.
  • No refunds for basic plans.


A brand of Acetios Consulting, India

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10% off on select plans
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