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Award to professor Abir Baidya

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100% privacy policy
We don’t allow clients details and site details to other clients.You can get our demos. This keep your brand name or product name safe from copyright information and against any false suggestions.
Google my business setup only. Confirmations by you and google

We have created successful Ad Campaigns & digital business consultations for multi million dollar brands:

Keka Hire  Ace Nutrimony   What is the Science behind Rage Coffee?

(Our fashion style) and other brands

We serve industries in, Beauty, Fashion, Colleges, Hospitality, Media, Events Ecommerce, Real estate

As per United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, post lockdowns became the new normal, businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital”, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020

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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast sites
  • Advanced sites on WordPress & Shopify
  • Increase likes & subscribes
  • Increase sales*
  • Admin & staff management
  • CRM
  • Grow presence in cities
  • High-quality sites guaranteed
  • SEO
  • Good UI / UX
  • Speed guaranteed 
  • Additional products, pages, support etc cost extra
  • Lower cost and better ROI
  • 10% for revenue share for referring other clients 
  • Dynamic sites
  • Any industrie

Choose our premium plans

Limited offer for fist 600 clients.

First come first serve.

80% of customers pay our plans within 72 hours of our Ebook
60%+ customers pay for our premium plans
Pegkob best comparison

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Why you must take our digital business consulting?

We are a MSME Government of India awarded & IPR Certified leading Indian brand Acetios Consulting Company

1. A good brand and website attract good customers
2. Lead generation
3. Cost saving by using AI and hiring less employees
4. 100% your commission. No need to provide commission Amazon or Flipkart. No refund charges.
5. Customer data is now yours.
6. Offers using emails / WhatsApp/ SMS / Telegram marketing
7. Affordable & best
8. Payment and sponsorship
Anyone can start now at affordable fees.

100% refund as per our T&C.
Our dedicated support & 100% data privacy will ensure your brand is safe.* We don’t share client information to other people. You can get our demos.
* Some third party sites can access your details.


Affordable Pricing And Quality Service


Save upto 60% on employee costs

Lets talk about the value you get with our consultations

  • Basic site cost ecommerce: Rs 26K / $600
  • PPC Ads: As per your budget
  • Your target: Rs 10 lakhs / year
  • Branding & right sales strategy. 
  • Your monthly sales: Rs 80K
  • Cost of Ads: 18 % of revenue/ month*
  • Site cost: Rs 26K / year
  • ROI (With no Ads) = Rs 80000 – 26,000/26,000*100 = 208%
  • ROI (Traffic Ads): 80000 -14400/14400*100 = 100% 
All e-commerce companies like charge fees  and many has to pay thousands of money, bear Cost Of Cancellation, Increase Marketing Spends . You will not even get customer details. Get your own ecommerce site. No chrgaes. 
* It’s for Basic Site.
Video marketing, COD and Social Media marketing with good landing pages and CRM will give you high orders.
Also give one time discount and show customers reviews on your sites.
* Sales target as per your industry, sharing on groups, brand recall, Advertising.

Get best graphic design for brands. This design made by Professor Abir Baidya

Best graphic designs for social media

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Digital Marketing Agency

Our Work For Digital Marketing

Build best WordPress and Ecommerce for your brands AI High Speed & SEO Site management*
* By third party

How your online store & Ads saves 60% cost than any offline store & Ads?

  • Your online site is much cheaper than offline stores
  • Online store helps you save money on fitting costs and utility bills
  • Online store saves you cost of operation
  • No rent costs
  • No utility costs 
  • Advertising online is 60% effective and efficient
  • You can sell to to any cities at low cost & GST
  • For small medium enterprises having a website is cheaper than an offline store
  • Local search on Google is like using a phone book
  • CRM & Data Analytics
  • Better reach & Ads with low cost
  • It costs Rs 1 lakhs for basic local Ad than any Linked Ads
  • Easily resell & upscale 

Source: I4S TOI 

1. You create your own brand
2. You build trust among customers
3. You can take premium fees
4. Looks professional
5. Provide information quickly
6. Get leads from your site
7. Traffic gets into loyal customers
8. Reach many at low cost

Creating a simple site depends upon your industry. Its is very important that you hire us as our expertise in SEO and design makes your site better in ranks.


Limited offer for first 600 clients only

Hosting fees & domain 1 year free only. After 1 year paid by clients every year 

First come first serve. EMI available on select plans

How to choose the correct site?


For Advanced Users who want quick sales & easy to use site.The learning curve is small and it takes less time to run the site. 100% best speed and  customization.The cost is less than Shopify.


For Expert Users Only.Everything is similar in Ecwid but cost of running the store is high.So its for big startups and business whose turnover is more than $ 6 million per year. 


Expert level users only. The learning curve is more than the other platforms and customisation is excellent. The cost is less as compared to Ecwid and Shopify.

But you must take corrective action like backup, SSL, Bandwidth, Security all by yourself.

Its good for any users who are experts in WordPress. 

 Ecommerce site Expert:

  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Discount coupons
  • Automated tax calculations
  • Access to App Market with extensions
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • Marketplaces
  • And much more

Choose our premium plans

Our Experts Videos are available in Youtube.
Don’t use any third party service which offer low cost site development as most agency use fake site controls. All our Advanced packs include Self hosted sites and 100% site backup for ecommerce sites. 
Here is a Basic Site Design price list as per Global Agencies:
  • Setup : $1000
  • Contents: $400
  • Client training: $100
  • Client support: $100
  • Logo design: $300
    Ecommerce solutions: $3000
  • CRM: $500

This is the fees you must pay for other agencies.

Our fees are less as provide 100% cloud services, automation, demos & everything with our real skills 

Refer & Cashbacks

Refer clients & get 10% revenue. You will get an Agent ID.

Best Features only with our business solutions:

  1. 100% Best Design
  2. Fully Responsive Website
  3. Offer Banner Slider
  4. Manage Category
  5. Manage Products
  6. Multiple Product Images
  7. Image Zooming
  8. Google Analytics Integration
  9. Inventory Management
  10. Order Notifications By Mail
  11. Order Notifications By SMS*
  12. Order Status Tracking
  13. Staff accounts
  14. Stock Availability
  15. Site Map Auto Generation
  16. Easy and Flexible Admin panel
  17. Sales Report
  18. Shipping Charge Per Location
  19. Low Stock Report
  20. Shipping Charge Per Item
  21. QR Code Generation
  22. Easy Order Management
  23. Coupon Code
  24. Social Sharing
  25. Meta Tag Management
  26. Multiple Shipping Address
  27. Add to Wishlist
  28. Auto Generated Coupons
  29. Popular Search Terms
  30. Recent Ordered Items
  31. Contact Us Form
  32. No Downtime Issues
  33. 100K traffic per day
  34. 1 year support
  35. AI
  36. 10% share if you refer other clients 


How to provide all details?

Please submit details here or visits or client support below

Are you able to do SEO?

Yes Basic SEO to rank site.

How to make payment?

You must pay the full amount. You can ask refunds within 1 day before your site has been designed. No refund is given later.

How to approach for any help?

You can DM us @pegkob & also visit client support

Can I add extra page & products in my website later?

Yes, There is an extra cost for the extra pages.

Can you able to bring traffic & Ads?

Yes. You can contact us. You can email us and client support

What is the guarantee of contents & logo?

You can give us contents etc. Please visit client support. We will Add SEO content for sites above $600

What are staff accounts & how can i access?

Staff accounts are those ID which each team can manage. E.g 1 staff account can be manage by multiple people with single email.

How can i get the delivery?

You sites and ID will be emailed 

How many days are taken to make ecommerce sites?

A basic ecommerce sites takes minimum 30 days

How we deliver your site?

1. Information gathering
2. Beta tests
3. SEO tests
4. Security review
5. E-commerce review
6. Payment review
7. Shipping etc
8. Final trials and all checks.


Our partner offers

10% off on select plans
Visit Youtube @pegkob
DM Facebook @pegkob for details
Pre sales call us 01169266252
Any help please DM & check FAQ

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